Can’t stop won’t stop

Wake up, get dressed, go to work…get up, get dressed, go to work…it’s the same routine everyday..

Stress, so much worry, so little to care. A daughter who suffers from an illness in the mind, a mother who abuses the illness oh her own…

So much work, so little time, so much hate from the mother, no signs of love to the child unless she receives the check of the daughters hard working money, leaving nothing.

Words…hateful words thrown at each other like stones, one more heavier than the other. The daughter fights back with words, only to get a swollen cheek and a sore scalp..

Leave, the daughter fights for freedom but is afraid of loneliness in her world. Even if she could, she cannot. She’s her mother’s daughter, her flesh and blood, her mother could die at any moment with her sickness so she stays, struggling to fight…to keep going…

Fits and a broken home hurt, but words…it’s what sink like stones deep into the mind, heading deeper and darker place…where the daughter was before…

Where are the doctors and nurses that they once tried to help you? Where are all the medication that were supposed to make her feel better?

They were of any help, the daughter still repeats the same words in her mind, over and over again. Day by day, night by night….

She repeats it like a prayer every time she curses the sun and weeps with the moon, she begs for it every time the mother brings her to a boiling rage but brings fear out of thought that she will not wake up in the morning…

She cannot stand this life of mental abuse, of anxiety overdrive, of bruises and tears…She’s tired…so, so tired of fighting…she caresses her scars on her wrists and glances at the knife, giving her memories of the past as she once more says the words…

Just let me die…let me die…let me die….


Eyes closed, breathe deep, and count as you try to sleep, only to discover you are not alive or dead, you are just a memory in someone’s head.


red riding hood


red riding hood





i’m swooning

#maybe 11% are lesbians and you’re gonna die alone buddy 


swat team training for when they encounter sonic the hedgehog in the field



swat team training for when they encounter sonic the hedgehog in the field

Shake that butt

So I did, this today, please mind my voice, I’m still sick